Monday, February 02, 2004

So tiring…Bugis Junction really have a lot of weirdoes…Never knew my working place could have so much problems too…Hope everyone could work happily together but nothing turns out to be perfect. It’s raining…You did appeared in my mind again…but this time round just felt that you have to leave, is time for the right one to be in here now. I have to stop talking about you. Someone was hurt when ‘you’ are always in my conversation.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Just came back from the gym, so tiring…I skipped my work today. I went back early because of some reasons…I was not feeling well today, but until she came and patted me on my head. Somehow that kinda of pat really woke me up…but eventually I went back early for not confusing the matter. I gotta go out now, to meet another friend…It has been weeks since we met? Hope she is fine too…and I hope you are happy now…

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

What a nice weather today…but guess what? It is raining! I hate rains. After she had left, raining seems to be always a day for me to remember her. Till now I realized that she has always been staying in my heart. 2 years…time flies. I guess that she has found someone that she really loved. I happen to realize that after all these years, I still think of her. Hahz! I hate defeats, but I must admit, I lost! Good luck for her, but bad luck for me! Everything has its balance but please remember to be happy, be blessed and I will feel happy for you.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Din really know when i m interested in writing this, but just saw kenny's blog and tot of doing one. Something just crossed over my mind today. That is what if something that is impossible has happened today, that is everyone goes blind. Will u start to get panic or will this be the chance for you to really feel how wonderful the person is n not by the looks anymore. Will it be a better place to live in if everyone goes blind? Nowadays, everything needs packaging. Have u really ever tried sitting down and really be true to your feelings once, everyone is blinded now. They are blind in their heart. Everyday, humans are just wearing a mask to face this world. What a brand new year and what a brand new start, that is what everyone thinks. They are still trying to deceive themselves that a brand new thing would be good, but how many of them can actually survive till the very last moment of each yr

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